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Hoss Garakani

Real Estate in Bay Area
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5 Deborah Zuniga

Mr. Garakani has been very helpful and is a very professional person. He’s very knowledgeable in all that he has to offer. Mr. Garakani is in the process of helping us locate a home to purchase. We’re …

5 Kaivon Shahfari

Hoss’ experience and knowledge is beneficial to my family and I. His prompt response to his clients’ requests is second-to-none. He values his clients and dedicates his time to meeting their needs.

5 imshahfari

Hoss has incredible integrity that is a rarity in business. He has a solid knowledge with contracting/building and accounting/taxes that his recommendations and suggestions are extremely sound real estate …

5 ywill

Mr. Hoss,

Is an excellent resource. He is an expert in the industry. I am honored to recommend him to both friends and family. Most of all he is trustworthy. He is a hard-worker and never …

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